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Standards Menu 1.0
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Standards Menu 1.0

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A single user interface developed to bring AutoCAD© and MicroStation© users into a centralized CAD Standards environment.
The KnowledgeBase StandardsMenu 1.0® brings a simplified bar menu approach to both AutoCAD and MicroStation environment by enabling an organizations CAD Standards to be easily accessed via the menu “pull downs”. StandardsMenu 1.0 is easy to use and configure with tools designed to enable native support of current MicroStation ASCII text file formats such as .mdf files.

Support for both MicroStation and AutoCAD

With the increasing necessity for engineering firms to be productive in both AutoCAD and MicroStation it is necessary for these organizations to have a means to disseminate their CADD Standards for both applications via a single standards barmenu application. StandardsMenu enables the support of both AutoCAD and MicroStation into a single bar menu interface. Now engineering firms can create customized menu items for any discipline or job necessary within their organization.

Simplified Menu Editing Capabilities
StandardsMenu 1.0 has an intuitive menu creation tool designed to create AutoCAD and or MicroStation menu items quickly and easily with easy to use menu builder tools.

The Menu Editor tool allows editing of current StandardsMenu file format (.smf) and creation of new .smf menus. The Menu editor tool also supports the opening of .mdf file formatted ASCII menu for menu “key-in” functions.

File Format Conversion Tool

Standards Menu 1.0 incorporates an easy to use conversion tool developed to support the conversion of ASCII formatted .mdf files to StandardsMenu .smf binary file format. Multiple .mdf files can be loaded within the Convert tool and automatically converted to binary .smf formats. This binary format has improved access speeds and prohibits the ability for non-authorized file format editing of .smf file menus through standard ASCII text editors.


Key Benefits of StandardsMenu 1.0

  • No need to recompile MicroStation MDL© based bar menus
  • Increased access speed to StandardsMenu binary (.smf) file formats
  • Easy Server deployment
  • Easy Site licensing
  • Ability to load and access “on the fly” multiple menus for both AutoCAD and MicroStation
  • Supports both MicroStation and AutoCAD applications

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