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ProjectWise XM User Guide
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ProjectWise XM User Guide

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The ProjectWise V8 XM User Guide is a comprehensive training manual focused on educating new ProjectWise users. It also provides a refresher to current users of ProjectWise who may be upgrading from a previous version.

Our training manual consists of approximately 100 pages containing in-depth explanations and exercises to empower the student to utilize ProjectWise V8 XM in a production environment.

KnowledgeBase Consulting Group is committed to leading the industry in the development of ProjectWise training material and classroom instruction. Knowledge is Power!

This training material is written for a 1 day ProjectWise training course.

Pre-requisite: Basic Windows Explorer Skills

Table of Contents:


How to Use This Book

ProjectWise Overview
What is ProjectWise?
Server Components
Client Software
Controlled Document Access
Document Check Out and Check In

ProjectWise Explorer
Launching the ProjectWise Explorer
ProjectWise Explorer Layout
Checking In and Checking Out Documents
Custom Views
Logging Out – Local Document Organizer
Right-Click to View Document

ProjectWise Documents
Document Attributes and Interfaces
Advanced Document Creation Wizard
Moving and Copying Documents
Open With Command
Deleting Files in ProjectWise Explorer
Rename Command
Modify Command
Exporting Files to Locations Outside ProjectWise
Send Link Via Email
Send Document Attachment Via Email

Editing and Viewing Documents
Checking Out Documents
Opening Documents
Checking In Documents
Update Server Copy
Open With Command
Open as Read-Only
Copy Out

Folder and Project Folders
Project Folders
Folder Properties
Creating a Folder
Copying a Folder
Deleting a Folder
Renaming a Folder

Workflows and States

Searching for Documents

Using MicroStation with ProjectWise
Update Server Copy
Attaching Reference
Editing Title Blocks
Check In Dialog Box

Using AutoCAD with ProjectWise
Opening AutoCAD Files from ProjectWise
Saving Files
Attaching References
Check In Dialog Box
ProjectWise AutoCAD Key-Ins

Working with Integrated Applications
Integration with Microsoft Office
Integration with Outlook
Check In Dialog Box

Using Non-Integrated Applications with ProjectWise
Update Server Copy Command
The Local Document Organizer

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ProjectWise XM User Guide
ProjectWise XM User Guide